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Where is the hand history keyboard?

We removed it from the app and decided to put it in a standalone app.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Apple manages payments and your subscription.

Is there a way to have configurable setups for my sessions?

We chose not to go that route for the time being. However, you have two ways to help you. Poker Analytics uses your current location to determine your favorite type of game at one location, so make sure that Poker Analytics is able to geolocate you.

Also, you can duplicate a session by making a long tap on a session in the Sessions tab.

Is it possible to add a completed session?

Yes you can. In the "New" tab, create the game of your choice. Then, at the bottom of the setup, select "Date" and choose the beginning and the end of your session.

Can I create my own reports?

Absolutely. The powerful Poker Analytics report engine is all yours. You will be able to sort, filter and compare your data as best suits your needs.

Can I record my home games?

Yes of course. Many of us poker players have a regular game with friends. It was important for us to let you manage the buy-in and results of each player you play with. Check our multiplayer oriented charts and compare your results against specific players.

Can I filter my results?

Yes, we have built filters so you can use them to filter your session list and stats directly. Filters are also of course available for your reports.

Is it possible to export my data?

Poker Analytics allows you to export your sessions to CSV file, which can be opened in Excel. It is also possible to export your data into XML in case you would like to import the data back into the application. Please note that XML export files doesn't include custom reports and hands.

I use a tracker for my online games, can I retrieve this data?

Poker Analytics allows you to import the sessions from desktop and iPhone trackers, check the compatible versions.

Can I import hand histories?

Poker Analytics does not manage hands. It focuses on the contextual analysis of your sessions. It groups all your results from live, online, cash games and tournament to give you the clearest picture of your results.

My imported sessions only contain a result and a date, how so?

This may happen if you play on several kind of tables when you play online. In that case, we recommend that you first filter your sessions in your tracker by blind value, game and size of the table. You will then have multiple CSV files to import into Poker Analytics, and the application will be able to get more data from these files. Also don't forget that you can use the presets in the import setup.

Why is the app so expensive?

We have explained why on our blog.